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Ohio Business Podcast

Nov 12, 2020

Matter News is the digital publication of Grey Matter Media, a nonprofit news organization based in and dedicated to Columbus. We’re dedicated to producing quality, innovative, informative and engaging journalism for and about central Ohio, and we do it all without charging you a penny. As a nonprofit, we don’t...

Oct 29, 2020

In 2010, our founder Robert Lupton started his journey into the shrimp hobby. Over the course of the next couple years, his passion grew. Robert grew his hobby from having ten aquariums throughout his house into having over 250 aquariums in a breeding facility. 

Currently, Flip Aquatics is one of the largest shrimp...

Oct 22, 2020

Everyone wants to learn how to coupon, here’s your chance to learn step by step. Rules of couponing, stores and their policies, how to read cashiers, create and execute deals.

Oct 16, 2020


Janszen Media builds partnerships with companies that want effective web and
digital solutions. We develop custom strategies and solutions around client
goals and business objectives. From day one we have been focused on results,
building websites that deliver more online traffic,...

Oct 16, 2020

i hope to help people become a little closer to themselves and a little closer to the earth. to do my part in restoring our dying planet by reminding others of its beauty. to help people feel big when they need to feel big and small when they need to feel small. to show the world that sensitivity is something to...